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Mar 01, 2012


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Shelley Mitchell

A few years ago, Yahoo! named DAVY JONES--above ALL OTHERS--as the #1 Teen Idol of all time--an honor he so RIGHTFULLY deserved. Unlike so many others who later seemed embarrassed over having once been labeled a "teen idol" and tried to distance themselves from that image, Davy embraced it. He NEVER abandoned the fans who loved him so, or took us for granted. He loved us ALL right back, and never ever stopped giving of himself. I fell in love with Davy back in late '66, right around my 11th birthday--and carried my love for him right up to this day. Along the way, I had the great good fortune of seeing--and meeting--him, numerous times, between 1975 to 2002. He really WAS the same sweet guy we all fell for so long ago. My life will never be the same without him. I have never felt so devastated before. It's like a bad dream that I can't wake up from. The world was such a better place because of him, and now he's gone. To say how much I miss him doesn't even begin to express the depths of my sorrow.

A Facebook User

Could anyone be more suited to the role than this darling little Monkee? God bless him and grant him rest. Small wonder that David has been dancing and singing through our memories lately much as he did in our childhood and teens. A true triple threat.

Jack Steele

You are always eloquent.

Eileen Rodriguez

Going to miss a great Talent....Davy was Always Full of the Life given him, and the laughs he's given all of us will surly be missed....Davy, You will never be that far from us as we have your Treasured Memories to keep you near! Loving you Infinity!

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