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Robin, will you get in touch with me at [email protected]
I have a question to ask you. Thanks! Karen (webmaster of this site)


Robin, have you friended my "Gloria Stavers-Tribute" page on Facebook?


Robin, thank you so much for your wonderful post! It really captures the sometimes conflicting aspects of Gloria that made her such a fascinating person. She inspired a lot of young people because she didn't patronize us, and a lucky few knew her and were mentored by her. When someone shares her memories of Gloria, it is like a precious gift that I cherish. I'm so glad that you found this site.



Gloria was my meditation tutor and I had no inkling of this other rich and astonishing life, though I am not surprised. I was assigned to her in the fall of '73 when I was learning meditation. Very early one morning, when I missed an appointment, she called my parents' house, woke them, they woke me and I made some excuse for forgetting. "DON'T LIE!" she thundered through the phone, "it doesn't become you." I'm sure it lodged in my limbic system as 40 years later I still can't contemplate a lie without hearing Gloria and thinking twice. At the time, I'd just graduated from school and was profoundly lost. The acting career I'd hoped and trained for died out on those long cattle call lines. Gloria treated my disappointment and humiliation with respect and helped me down an important stretch of road that's led me to a fulfilling career, adopting a daughter and much love in my life. I'm up at this ungodly hour on Thanksgiving Eve, discovering this site, because when I can't sleep, I often picture myself meditating with Gloria and feeling the love radiating from her heart into mine, filling me with ease and peace. Then I picture my love radiating back to her. Wherever she is, may she receive it!

Lesa Beaty

So glad I happened upon this cool site! I loved 16 magazine as a young teen, and I still use the word fave on a regular basis to this day. It is so nice to learn more about Gloria.

Gloria Stavers-Tribute

Sabrina, thank you so much for linking to this website from the Wikipedia page!

Sabrina Messenger

Excellent info. I was the one who started the Gloria Stavers Wikipedia Entry, and it's nice to see others who are also interested in honoring this amazing lady. I think it can be argued that Gloria Stavers actually did more for young girls and the cause of feminism than Gloria Steinam. Gloria strikes me as the kind of person who knew it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. She certainly inspired me as a young girl with 16 Magazine to go for my dreams.

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